Our story

Family heritage, knowledge and experience

A story about us, our idea and goal

SIBO CRO it is a family business in which knowledge and experience are passed on to new generations. The specifics of the family environment carry their challenges, but if the goal is common then it is a vertical that delegates everything else …

In the yard between the family houses, brothers Danijel and Vladislav organized the production of injection-molded and blow-molded plastic packaging in 1990. From the very beginning, attention was paid to the details and quality of the product. We focused on packaging for the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries of the domestic region.

Quality requirements are becoming more rigorous and we were among the first in our area in 2001 to introduce the ISO 9001 Quality management system: we train employees to work on the principle of record, control and monitoring of production, work orders, production documentation, control of the finished product. Growing out of our own capacities, in 2011 we made a decision to build a new production and storage facility performed in accordance with the requirements of GMP (Good manufacturing practice). In May 2013, the company moved to the zone for the development of small and medium enterprises in Novi Marof. In the following years, certifications according to ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 15378: 2017, ISO 13485: 2016, the MDD Directive 93/42 / EEC and KOSHER certification followed.

In 2022 Hajduk plastična ambalaža d.o.o., became SIBO CRO, part of international company SIBO GROUP from Slovenia. Sowith the market opened worldwide and the company gained experience and knowledge of over 50 in-
house experts.

The success of our company directly depends on customer satisfaction and trust in the quality of our processes, agreed deadlines and a reasonable price. The required quality of the customer is our minimum quality that arises from each workplace, and the responsibility belongs to each individual within the obligations and requirements of the workplace and as a product of teamwork. We operate in accordance with current laws, regulations and standards relating to the safety of employees, products and the environment. Constant care for employees and their education; the development of new knowledge and skills, the improvement of business processes and the advancement of technologies lead to increased competitiveness and ensure that we are the best in the business we do. Constant inspection of our suppliers in accordance with the requirements of ISO standards ensures that we have guaranteed quality raw materials for our products.

“Quality is not an act, quality is a habit.”

— Aristotle

Guided by this thought, we develop an awareness of continuous improvement and lifestyle in our company. Every employee is a link in the chain of achieving quality. Relying on the people who make up our organization is of great value to owners. The efficiency of the process is continuously monitored through all phases; assessment and selection of suppliers, input control of raw materials, storage and production, to control of the finished product, delivery and monitoring of non-compliance. Quality assurance in its own laboratory performs constant checking of quality parameters in relation to defined requirements, specifications, legal regulations and ordinances. Contracts with accredited laboratories define additional tests in terms of microbiology and periodic calibration of measuring instruments. By consistently implementing the quality policy and continuously improving the efficiency of the system, we strengthen the market position to the satisfaction of customers, employees and company owners. The workplace is not just a workplace, it is a space and time of our life that, thanks to the engagement of each individual, can be pleasant, challenging, motivating, interesting – in all colors of the spectrum.

The path that the company has taken from its inception to the present day is the foundation of realizing how sincere commitment to work, motivation, closeness to employees and an honest relationship with the customer can lead to exceptional opportunities.